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Monday, November 23, 2015

EM Weekly Recap #2

There were some great releases on Friday (11/20/15), so I thought I would cover them here on TheGidgit.com

First up we have Knife Party's annual release - "Trigger Warning". Tracklist is as follows :
1. PLUR Police
2. Parliament Funk
3. Kraken w/ Tom Staar
4. PLUR Police (Jauz Remix)

This is Knife Party's 5th major release. Rob and Gareth killed it on Abandon Ship, exploring many different genres. However this EP is strictly Electro House, with a dubstep remix from Jauz. You can hear all the small elements of their signature genre that make them Knife Party. Overall I would say this is their least innovative release yet. Not that its a bad thing, their production quality is always top notch. I would say my favorite off this EP is 'Parliament Funk' , I especially enjoy the second half of the drop. The Australian Duo will definitely be smashing the dance floors in the coming year.

Next up we have something that I had been excited for the release of in the past month. This is also the reason why I dropped the "D" in the post title.

Crywolf - Cat"a*clasm\ N. A breaking asunder; a violent disruption.

This is his 5th major release as well, but in a way, he is calling it his first. Justin Taylor Phillips had traveled to Akureyri, Iceland to make this album possible. Perhaps to get away from the EDM scene that is ever so popular in a place like LA. He has four videos of the making of Cataclasm on his YouTube channel. They can be found here :
All of these songs are great in their own way that its difficult to pick a favorite; its one of those albums you need to listen to as a whole.

Anyways I hope to continue these recaps into the end of the year, which is often an exciting time for music.

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