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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I was right all along...sort of

One week later, turns out I was right about the country going into outrage. The electoral college has been around for 227 years and only now do people want to abolish it? So many presidents have lost the popular vote but won the electoral vote. The question that comes to mind is "Does the electoral college really give more state representation?" As Bernie Sanders said in an interview with CBS news : "A political campaign should not consist of 15 states". And he is right - the state polls indicate which locations the candidates need to focus on in the general election. Everyone's voice is heard in the primary, regardless of your party. But in the general election, 51% of the popular vote could go to one candidate and they "win that state". This is poor representation if you ask me, and I find it very ironic that Mr. Trump said the system was 'rigged' but yet it was rigged in his favor. In conclusion I would argue that the electoral college system is outdated, but it is unlikely to be replaced since it would be a long process that's not on the president's agenda. Meanwhile, it is completely unethical to riot and vandalize.


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