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Monday, August 7, 2017

Debut Album: "The Elements" Available for Streaming

After over five years of screwing around in GarageBand / Logic Pro, I finally put compiled nine finished tracks into an album! You can stream it directly from the music page, or use this non-embedded link. Now I will provide some information on these tracks.

 1.  Elements (Intro) This song is in F minor, at 98 BPM. I made most of the project in iMaschine then imported it into Logic to add more layers.
 2.  All of Me (A minor / 140 BPM) I originally conceived this song in July/August 2016 but was unable to finish it once school started up again. Sure enough, when December came around I was able to finish it. Small changes were made for the final release this summer.
3. Helium (F minor, 128 BPM) This is my favorite song of the album. I originally conceived it in 2012...and it has undergone countless changes since then. The end result was a progressive house tune that is designed to make you want to dance. It taught me that I should never give up on a project because of limited knowledge.
4. Strategy (E minor, 140 BPM) In February 2016, I had the most fun I'd ever had producing this dubstep track, especially designing the drops. Incorporating my favorite memes into a dubstep song was an idea I'd had for a while, but was finally inspired to make it after hearing Reivax - Pencil Stick.
5. Escape (Interlude) [C minor, 130 BPM]  I originally recorded this composition in 2014, and this summer I was able to "properly arrange it" in Logic Pro X. I also learned how to properly draw in the sustain pedal.
6. Chain Reaction (D minor, 130 BPM) This is another one of my earliest songs from 2012, and I was able to clean it up for this album. It is structured differently from most of my songs in that it has three 8-measure drops.
7. Phosphorus (A minor, 128 BPM) I conceived this one in summer of 2013, made major improvements to it in summer 2016, and finally finished it this summer. It is a progressive house song and uses similar instruments as in "Helium".
8. Onii Chan (G minor, 140 BPM) The second dubstep song on the album is inspired by Must Die's "Onii Chan". I used the main melody from his song, and built on it, but I did not use any other assets.
9. Bark At The World (E minor, 100 BPM) This song isn't really a specific genre...as it has acoustic guitar, piano, synthesizers, and a hip hop beat. Regardless, I think it sounds great.